22 May 2011

The Week: Looking Back, Looking Forward

This past week has been largely uneventful, except that I turned in official notice to turn off my COBRA health insurance at the end of this month.  I knew this was coming, but it was still a gulp-inducing moment to get the official notice that said that as of 01 June 2011, I would have no health insurance.  Eesh.

Yesterday, Rachel came over.  We picked up my Angel Food boxes, which meant that I spent part of last night and today processing (cleaning, chopping, properly storing for maximum freshness, etc.) the produce.  I like to do this all at once so I can get the bulk of the garbage out of the house all at once, and it's all done so when I go to cook, I can get down to it.

Rachel and I hadn't planned ahead with what to cook, so we cheated and ordered in a pizza.  For dessert, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  We finished the Top Chefs: All-Stars season, and then we watched a few episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, which is a show I've sucked her into.  It's so much fun to watch millionaires have the same problems trying to find love that the rest of us do (and sometimes fail even worse than the rest of us do!).  And we discuss the advice that Patti (the matchmaker) gives her clients.

This coming week, I've got physical therapy on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday evening, I'll see my friend Anju so she can pick up her share of the Angel Food stuff.  Wednesday, my friend Megan are going to hang out.

And, that, my friends, is the über-exciting life of me!

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