18 May 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

I'm down 0.4 pounds this week. 

I will be excited when my hip stops hurting and I can increase this by exercising again.  The radiologist who did the injection said that it usually will hurt for "a couple of weeks" before it gets better.  The two weeks are up tomorrow.  So tick-tock. 

Yesterday, I watched a "Made" marathon.  You probably haven't watched this show because (a) you have a job and (b) you aren't obsessed with shows aimed at the teen demographic (ahem-Julie lol).  The show is actually pretty cool, though, despite the formulaic-ness.

They take a teenager who wants to be "made" into something completely out of their comfort zone.  They set them up with a "Made Coach," and they have a specific goal and timeframe.  And the madness ensues.  For instance, the shows yesterday were the theatre geek who wanted to try out for the soccer team because he was tired of the jocks at school calling him a fag and picking on him for being into theatre.  The über-academic lanky white girl with no dance experience who wanted to perform a hip-hop routine at the school talent show.  And the girly-girl who can't leave the house without make-up and wears three-inch heels to school who wanted to try out for the school rugby team because the other girls in her family are jocks.

The Made coaches are usually pretty awesome - the rugby coach was from the Team USA World Cup team.  The soccer coach was from the local professional soccer team.  And the hip-hop coach was from the local scene. 

The formula usually goes like this: Teen starts out gung-ho, teen realises this is Hard Work, teen pouts, Made Coach gets all tough on teen, teen throws tantrum, Made Coach and or teen's parent(s) have heart-to-heart with teen, teen realises giving-up is Wrong, teen digs in and Works Really Hard.

The thing I like about the show is that the teen doesn't always make the goal.  For instance, Michael finished his training for the soccer try-outs, but he didn't make the team.  But, of course, along the way, he learned the value of Hard Work, not giving up, team work, he made friend with some of the jocks (awwww), he learned discipline, blah blah blah.  So they learn that just because they didn't meet the goal they set out to meet, that doesn't mean they failed.

It's a fun show.  I kind of wish there was a show like this for adults, though.  I think it would be fun to watch adults step out of their comfort zone and be coached at something they'd always wished they'd done.

If you had the chance, what would you like to be Made into?


  1. I've seen so many episodes of Made. For some reason I always love the cheer ones. Where they take some ragtag bunch of bitchy cheerleaders and make them all make nice with each other and work together.
    If I were going to be made I would definitely want it to be like my favorite ep. Chubby girl turned ballroom dancer. I am soooo not a dancer so it would be way, way outside of my comfort zone. I always wish I was a dancer.

  2. PS
    This is the one you told me I should read right? My memory is crap lately. I loved it.