29 May 2011

A Day of Racing (the non-spoiler edition)

As per usual, my day today was spent watching a LOT of racing.  Since I didn't get to sleep until about 3:00 a.m., I didn't get up in time to watch the F-1 race in Monaco.  But I heard the results, and now I'm kind of glad because it would have ticked me off.

Then, on to Indianapolis for the Indy 500.  There was only one goal here - DO NOT LET DANICA WIN.  Fortunately, I had many allies in this goal.  I was sure that as long as we worked together, we could achieve this goal.  We almost won before the race even started -- on Bump Day.  Danica's car had problems in technical inspection and missed her spot in qualifying.  Then the skies opened up, and they thought she wouldn't be able to qualify.  Unfortunately, it stopped raining, they were able to get the track dried off, and she qualified for the race.  So now it was time to make sure that she didn't win.  Preferrably, she didn't even do well.

One of the things that pisses me off about IRL racing is that the cars can be forty seconds behind the leader and still be in something like tenth place AND on the lead lap.  In NASCAR, if you're forty seconds back, you're at least one lap back (if not two), and you are most definitely NOT in tenth place.  (You're probably something like 20-something place.)

Another things that I've grown to dislike about IRL is that when Dario Franchitti is interviewed, if his wife (Ashley Judd) is around, they will actually frame the shot to centre it around her.  Yesterday, they were doing the post-race interview of Dario.  Ashley was standing in the background talking to some people, and the camera MOVED so that Ashley was in the centre of the shot and Dario was now on the right third of the shot.  And then Ashley started posing.  Stabbity stabbity stabbity.

As soon as that race ended, it was on to Charlotte for two hours of pre-race coverage before the NASCAR race started.  Then the race itself, which took about 5.5 hours.  As the race drew to an end, I figured I wasn't going to be happy with who won because of the guys in the top ten positions, there were about two or three that I liked - not great odds!  So then it became a game of "who do I dislike the least."

The best part is some of my friends and my Mom play a game where we pick a driver we think will do well in the race.  I picked a totally illogical pick because I "had a feeling."  And he ended up having a really decent night!  In fact, he finished better than all the other picks, which were completely logical and made much more sense!

After all that helping people drive, I am exhausted!  Off to bed I go!

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