15 May 2011

The Week: Looking Back, Looking Forward

In the past week, I had two appointments.  One is not worth discussing, but the other was with the doctor who has been trying to figure out what is going on with my hip/groin issue.  As you know, I had the big-ass needle inserted into my hip joint the week before, and then they took some images of the joint.  This appointment was to get the results of that.

It ends up that he was right all along - I have a torn hip labrum and some of the cartilage in my hip is gone.  For those of you who aren't medically inclined, the labrum (in very simple, non-medical terms) in this material that is in the hip joint between the ball and socket parts of the joint.  And mine is torn.  Let that image sit in your mind for a minute.  And then remember that I've been living with this since October of 2009.  No, that's not a typo - October of 2009.  The plan is to try physical therapy for awhile, but if that doesn't help, then we'll be looking at surgical options.

I also had something else rather exciting happen last week, but I don't want to discuss it, lest I jinx it.  But if something develops from it, I'll be sure to let you know.  :)

My friend Ria was in town, and I got to hang out with her Wednesday evening.  We went to Vientiane, a Thai/Laotian restaurant.  Thursday morning, her husband came in for breakfast, and we went to Honey's for breakfast.

My friend Anju and I tried out a new-to-us restaurant that's actually within walking distance from my place - Pattaya Grill, which is a Thai restaurant.  I had a coupon for 20% off, and Anju was nice enough to treat me to the rest, which was quite generous of her.  I had Drunken Noodles for the first time, and I'm excited to eat them again.  Wow - so good!

This coming week, I need to follow-up on a possible job lead that a former colleague shot me on Friday.  On Saturday, Rachel is coming over and we're going to watch the end of the Top Chef: All-Stars season.  And, apparently, I'll be starting physical therapy - joy.


  1. Hopefully you will have extremely attractive physical therapists... they can help take ones mind off the discomfort. (I hate that word. Discomfort? It f-ing HURTS!)

    ANyway, wishing yo all the best.

  2. *hugs* I hope the PT works and gets you out of pain!