01 May 2011

Burlesque (or: Phone Calls with My Mom)

I called my mom tonight, and she informed me that she was just sitting down to watch "Burlesque."  I reminded her that I had also wanted to see it.  Knowing that she and her husband rarely rent movies just for the two of them, I suspicious asked "Is Laura there?" (Laura is Dale's daughter.)

Mom: Yep.
Me: So you're watching a movie I wanted to see, but with Laura?
Mom: Pretty much.
Me: You're showing favouritism!  That's not nice!
Mom: I think my daughter has told me that before.
Me: Well... I want to watch the movie.
Mom: I can turn it up and hold the phone up and you can hear it.
Me: Hmmm.  Okay.  That'll work.
Mom: If I had a webcam, you could watch it.
Me: I have a webcam!
Mom: Okay, aim it at Missouri and see if that works.
Me: Why are you watching the movie without me?
Mom: Because I want to see Cher.
Me: Then just fast-forward to her part.  Don't watch the rest.
Mom: I can call you when it's over.  Will that help?
Me: No!  I don't want to just see the end!
Mom: Oh.
Me: Next time, can you just watch movies that I DON'T want to see?  I can send you a list.  It's a big one.  You'll have plenty to choose from.
Mom (laughing): Okay, honey.  That sounds good.

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