28 March 2011

My Exciting Week

Plans for this week

Today: I had my pulmonary function test.  Apparently, I have lungs and a small nose.

Tomorrow: I get to visit my gyn to get checked for a hernia.  This is basically like the regular internal exam, except no Pap.  I go back next month for that.  I can't get it done in one visit because my insurance will yell if I get the Pap done before a certain date.  Med Student pointed out that her mechanic gives her a discount if she gets her oil changed BEFORE the date on the sticker.  I said I'd call IBC and see what I could work out.

Wednesday: Errand running, groceries, must remember to put Mom's birthday present in the mail.

Saturday: Med Student comes over.  We're trying two new recipes.  A revision of a recipe I posted earlier and a recipe from Julie.  If that recipe works, I'll be posting it here later.  Med Student coming over means that I need to get the house cleaned. 

Since this place is still recovering from being Pertussis Palace from mid-January to mid-March, this will take all of Thursday and Friday.  Yay.

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