01 March 2011

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

(Inspired by Ria's blog post a few days ago)

1.   I sleep with a lamp on.  Nope, not a nightlight - a full on lamp.

2.  Sometimes, I have such realistic dreams that I'll have to check with friends in the morning to see if my dream was actually a dream.  There have been times when I've shown up to meet a friend for lunch because I've dreamt that we had something scheduled, and I didn't realise it was a dream.  So I've learnt to put EVERYTHING in my book.  When I wake up, if it isn't in the book, check with said friend before actually trying to meet them.

3.  I get stuck on songs and can literally listen to the same song all day without getting tired of it.

4.  When I was a kid, my favourite colour was purple.  My grandma hasn't realised that I'm not still a kid.

5.  My favourite sandwich is a patty melt.

6.  I am VERY particular about the correct way to eat candy bars.  For instance, a Pay-Day should have all of the peanuts eaten off one-by-one first.  Then, the rest of the bar may be eaten.  A Kit-Kat should have the ends nibbled off.  Then the top layer should be nibbled off.  Then each subsequent layer should be removed one by one.

7.  I once got my eyebrows waxed and have regretted it ever since (for philosophical reasons; it was completely painless).  While I don't judge others who wax, thread, pluck, or tweeze, I don't think there is anything that could ever convince me to do that again.


  1. So funny - I eat Kit Kats the same way!

  2. I always thought the light was on 'cause you weren't in your bed when I stay there..... ok part of me blamed Fe.....