02 March 2011

My Day Today

Last night, I slept about nine hours.  Then I got up, and I watched "The Price is Right."

For those of you who have actual jobs, this is an hour-long show.  It's a game show on TV.  Watching it is like watching any other tv show.  You sit on the couch and watch.  It's not a particularly athletic endeavour.

However, I apparently found it so exhausting that I dosed throughout the show, and then when it ended, I went back to bed and slept for two more hours.

I mod a really active board on Ravelry, so I tended to that when I woke up.  By the time those duties were done, I ate breakfast (at 3:00 p.m.).  By that time, it was time to get dressed to take my friend Ella to school.

She had foot surgery on her right foot about two weeks ago and can't drive herself around.  So I'm helping her out.  In my half-awake state, I tried to leave the house without a shirt on.  Oops.

Since her class is only a few hours, it makes more sense for me to stay on campus than to drive her up, drop her off, drive back home, then go and pick her up again.  So I got some work done on campus while she got all smart.  After, we grabbed a bite together.  And we learned how men act when they're drunk.  Wowza.

My day, ladies and gentlemen.

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