05 March 2011

Knitting Fail

I've been having the worst knitting luck lately.

In February, I started the Endpaper Mitts as part of a KAL.  Halfway through the month, I had only done 13 rows.  When I got back to the mitts, determined to finish at least one of them by the end of the month, I discovered that I had done those 13 rows wrong.

Earlier this week, I signed up for a test knit.  This test required sock yarn.  I picked out some sock yarn.  The label on the yarn actually says "luxury sock yarn."  However, I went up to size US6 needles and STILL wasn't getting gauge, and I decided that it was going to be ridiculous to go to 7s to get gauge.  Plus, I was already wary of how the fabric was turning out with the 6s.  AND this was tension square number FIVE.

Nevertheless, I decided to start the project.

I did the ribbing and did one pattern repeat.  It was okay, but not great.  By the end of tonight, I had decided to just finish the project (it's a small project) and then do a second one later with tweaks, but at least I'll have completed the test.  (I'm the moderator of the test forum; I have to set a good example!).

And then I realised that I had done the pattern completely wrong anyway.


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  1. So....pertussis or RSV have the f's with your knitting side effect?