08 March 2011

Knitting Again

After experiencing some major knitting fail lately, I think I'm back in the groove again.

I finished the test knit today.  I actually got gauge the other day (that was a major ordeal that I don't care to ever discuss again).  I cast on today, I finished it today, and I even took the pics and gave the designer my feedback!  Whee!

It's a sock for iTouch, which will be my mom's birthday present (her birthday is 02 April).  As is our tradition, she knows that I made it for her - mostly because I wanted to make sure that she actually wanted it and would use it.

Here's a pic of it, but it's on my BlackBerry, so it looks a little funky.  The BlackBerry is about the same width and height, but it's much thicker (especially with the holder that I keep mine in and didn't think to take it out of for this pic), so it throws off the look just a tad.  But I wanted a modelled pic for the designer (and for my Ravelry project page):

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got your mojo back!!

    (I'd hate to see what a surprise party is like in your family)