07 March 2011

7 Things You Probably Know About Me

Last week, I did a list of seven things you don't know about me.

So I thought this week, I'd do a list of things you SHOULD know about me if you're my friend (or if you've been paying any attention at all).

1.  I'm a big Michael Jackson fan.  In fact, that's probably an understatement.

2.  I don't eat pork.  This is because of the book "Charlotte's Web" and the movie "Babe."  When I was a kid, "Charlotte's Web" was my favourite book.  I have LONG told my mother that her grandchildren will be named Charlotte and Wilbur.  I tried not to eat pork when I was a kid, but I was raised in the Midwest where pork is a staple.  And my mom is the "you'll eat what I put in front of you, or you won't eat" type.  When "Babe" came out (they used 48 pigs in that movie - pigs grow FAST!), James Cromwell said that he became a vegan as a result of the movie (he was already a vegetarian), and I decided that if someone his age could change his eating habits, so could I.  So when I moved to Philadelphia, I quit eating pork.  Done and done.

3.  I'm a big sports fan.  But with the exception of the Royals, I'm not a homer.  I root for the San Jose Sharks, the Oakland Raiders, and I'm not much for basketball (although in the day, I loved to watch Michael Jordan fly).  Besides MLB, NHL, and NFL, I also like NASCAR, tennis, the X-Games, and a lot of the Olympic sports.

4.  I love water.  In a restaurant, I rarely order anything to drink.  At home, I drink from a one litre water bottle, because it's easier than walking back and forth to the kitchen faucet all day since I generally drink three to four litres of water per day.

5.  I love to read.  If you've been in my flat, this one is obvious (unless you thought I just hoarded books).  Or if you've been in my bedroom and glanced at my bed and noticed the several books and few magazines that are usually occupying the side of my bed.  I was that kid who got in trouble for reading during class.  Hell, once during summer vacation, Orin yelled at me for reading too much in the car and not admiring the scenery.  When Mom would drag me to antique shops and flea markets when I was a kid, I finally perfected the art of reading while I walked up and down the aisles.

6.  I've never met a spicy food I didn't like.  Yum.  If a menu denotes certain items as "spicy," I will automatically start eliminating the non-spicy items from consideration.  And it damned well BETTER be spicy, too.

7.  I have a list of the top four movies I HATE.  In order, they are: The Wizard of Oz, E.T., Alice in Wonderland (the original animated Disney movie), and A Christmas Story.  I hate The Wizard of Oz so much that Mom will sometimes call me just to (sarcastically) let me know it's on.  E.T. was creepy enough on its own, but it got even creepier when Orin bought my sister and I these E.T. dolls that were about a foot tall and had these unintentionally almost glow-in-the-dark eyes.  I'd wake up in the middle of the night and both of these dolls would be friggin' staring at me.  Alice in Wonderland is just NOT a normal movie made my normal people for normal people to watch.  And A Christmas Story is just plain annoying and ridiculous.


  1. I knew everything but number 7- That's an 86. I guess I'm a B.

    what is it with restaurant menu's labeling things spicy that aren't?? seriously if they don't have anything with taste (and why does spicy HAVE to be hot?) don't get my hopes up!! I swear, some of these menu's are edited by old men with gout who had strokes in their tasting part of the brain!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks A Christmas Story is annoying. I've never made it through the whole film.

  3. Huh. I didn't know #7, either. But, then, I'm not sure we ever really discuss(ed) movies.