09 March 2011

Med Student's birthday

Yesterday was Rachel's birthday.  Since she was busy doing some pretty important things (like choosing a dress for her wedding), I took her for a celebratory supper tonight.  We did our traditional sushi outing at AKI in Centre City.

We made a couple of stops along the way first, which resulted in a quick trot through the city.  I snagged some black toner at Staples, successfully remembering to redeem my six dollars in Staples Rewards before they expired (SCORE!), and then a quick stop at CVS.  I needed to pick up my meds and Rachel needed a greeting card.

Then AKI where it was more crowded than we expected for a Wednesday evening.  We ended up being seated between two entertaining tables.  First, a bit of background.  When Rachel had called earlier in the day, I started coughing quite a bit, and I told her that I was generally only coughing when I talked.  So we should eat supper in silence.  Or we could eat supper and text each other all night.

So it was pretty funny when the one of the two women at the table next to us wouldn't put her phone down.  I tipped my head toward her and said to Rachel, "You know, that could have been us."  Rachel said, "It still can!" and promptly began texting me.

A little while after that, the restaurant sat a party of five (ah, PO5, a show I rarely watched but always heard about) on the other side of us, but perpendicular to us.  I told Rachel that I wasn't sure why, but the people were annoying me.  Then Rachel put her finger on it - they had brought a small child with them.  Ah - that's what it was.

While this restaurant isn't extremely posh, it's a relatively nice place, and isn't really a child-friendly restaurant.  So while we're trying to enjoy a nice night out, we're hearing "AND THEN THE GAME DOES THIS!  AND THEN THE GUY GOES LIKE THIS!!!  AND THEN!" while his mom and her friends all use their kid voices to talk to him all evening.  Whee.

Of course, Rachel and I being who we are, we made the best of it by doing what we do best... having fun anyway.  ;)

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  1. can you imagine the trouble we'd get into if we texted all supper?? We'd be in hysterics cause we could say the things we're afraid someone will hear!

    I totally blame the parents! First - I never used a kids voice - I find it demeaning to the child. Second- although you wouldn't know it now, when Angie was little we could take her anywhere. Because she understood restaurant manners. (ok I was a psycho manipulative mom, and implying that I wasn't sure she could act like a big kid and maybe we should get a sitter wasn't the nicest thing to do) (and I really think raising kids is like training puppies. They like when u are happy, they don;t like being ignored, and they only understand always and never. So she never set foot inside a fast food type restaurant until she was well into school age. and definitely never one with the playground where children run screaming like little banchees.)

    Of course then she became a teen. sigh.