18 March 2011

List: Concerts

I'm totally copying Julie (it doesn't feel right to say "taking a page out of her book" when I'm actually copying her blog), and I've decided to start doing a list every week.  And speaking of Julie, you need to pop over and visit her blog.  She posts the most amazing pictures, and her posts are often thoughtful, sometimes funny, and usually make me smile (today's made me snort my yoghurt).

Today's list - Concerts I've Been To:

1.  Kenny Rogers
2.  Tanya Tucker (she opened for Travis Tritt; we walked out when he came on)
3.  Petra
4.  Amy Grant
5.  Janet Jackson
6.  No Doubt
7.  Stevie Nicks (my sister and I got into a fight with some biker dudes sitting behind us)
8.  Tori Amos
9.  Celine Dion (Mom and I got drenched in a freak thunderstorm; after the storm, only about a fourth of the crowd remained - everyone else had gone home.  Our fourth row seats turned into second row seats.)


  1. Awww, you're making me blush.

    I'm behind on my lists. I think I will have to copy you and do a list of concerts!

  2. You and your mom getting drenched in freak weather? Your mom and freak weather?? I'm having trouble picturing that....