13 February 2011

Why I owe the TSA an apology

For Christmas, my mom gave me black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt.  This was a bit of an inside joke, because I had all but begged for these.  Every year for the past several years, I had asked for black sweatpants/sweatshirts, and she (or my grandma) has bought me pretty much every colour but.  This year, I put my foot down.  The list made it very clear exactly which colour I wanted.  (Use your imagination.)

As per usual, before I left Missouri, Mom and I spent some time in her sewing room together altering all of the clothes that I've acquired during my stay.  Sleeves get shortened, pants legs get hemmed, shoulders get moved up, etc.  The sewing room gets turned into a regular ol' sweat shop for a day.  Mom and I have a nice routine established with trying on, measuring, cutting, serging, sewing, etc.

Anyway, when I got home, I found the sweatpants (the MOST comfortable sweatpants I've ever owned - thanks, Mom!), but the sweatshirt was nowhere to be found.  When Mom called me to report that I'd left my Denny Hamlin shirt there (she only figured it out because she went to put hers on, but the sleeves were MUCH too short - ha!), I asked her to look for the sweatshirt.  When we talked a few days later, she said she'd looked everywhere and couldn't find it.  By then, I'd looked through all of the sleepwear I'd unpacked and hadn't found it, either.

I was really sad.  I was already mad at TSA for breaking one of my suitcases, so Mom and I blamed TSA for stealing my über-comfortable, most-awesome black sweatshirt while they were making sure I had no contraband in my suitcase.  But we figure the joke was on them.  Because when they got the sweatshirt home, they'd realise it wouldn't fit anyway since we'd already shortened the sleeves on it.  Ha ha on you, TSA stealing person!

But Thursday, I found my sweatshirt.  Mom said I owed the TSA apology.  I said she did, too, since she was also on the "TSA stole your sweatshirt" bandwagon.  But she said she only said it because I started it.

So, here you go: Sorry TSA person.

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