27 February 2011

Reading Goal Update

My reading goal for 2011 is to read 26,000 pages.  I'm updating a day early because although I count pages read rather than books read, I update my spreadsheet when I finish a book, and I won't be finishing any books tomorrow (unless I do nothing but read tomorrow).

So far this year, I've read 5,145 pages or 16 books.  Six of these books have cozies, thanks to the blog I've been reading, The Cozy Chicks.  In addition to the cozy (yes, I know the British spelling is "cosy," but I feel weird spelling it "cosy" and then referring to "The Cozy Chicks") authors who blog regularly, there is also a guest contributor to the blog, Dru, who spotlights different cozies she's received and reviewed.  So besides The Cozy Chicks (and some of them have more than one series), there are the other series that I get an itch to explore because they sound interesting.

I mean, how do I NOT check out a series about a woman who leaves the corporate world and begins apprenticing as a plumber?  Or a "Southern Beauty Shop Mystery" series?  C'mon!  These are things that are begging to be read!

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