23 February 2011

The Facts of Life

No, not THOSE facts of life...

Remember the theme song "take the good, take the bad..."?  That was my day today.

It started with the good.  I had lunch with my friend Jess, who I don't see nearly enough.  We met at Minar Palace, and we had good Indian food, which I don't eat nearly enough.  Yummy naan and kofta curry.

Then I trotted off to Trader Joe's.  I immediately ran into my TJ's buddy, who gave me a tasty treat.  Yum!  Can't beat a guy who gives you candy upon arrival.  I picked up exactly three things from produce.  The next thing I wanted was something I couldn't reach.  Okay, I'm 4'6".  I'm used to things I can't reach.  The worker bees at TJ's are used to reaching things for me.  I looked around and none of them were around.  No big; I'll just get the next thing I need.  Uh, it was on the top shelf, too.  Oookay.  On the next thing.  Um.  Another top shelf item.  Le sigh.

On to frozen foods.  SIGH.  Another item I can't reach.  And another.

Okay.  On to dairy.  Great.  The fat-free milk hasn't been fronted (for those of who haven't had the joy of working retail, this means the items at the front of the shelf have been taken by a customer and a worker hasn't yet moved new product to the front of the shelf), which means I can't reach IT, either.

I swing back to produce.  Still no one there.  I call my mom and promptly burst into tears.  "I'm at Trader Joe's and I CAN'T REACH ANYTHING!!!!" 

Now, I've obviously been short all my life.  I generally go shopping with someone because of this issue, and I've learnt to not be shy about asking for help* when necessary (although you'd be surprised how many people will be rude about reaching something for me sometimes, or will just downright  refuse to).  But it's usually just one item in the store.  Or one item here or there.  But for some reason, this was an unreasonable, overwhelming amount of items today, and I become frustrated and I reached a melting point.

Mom talked me down from the ledge, and I was on my way to the Captain's Desk to ask for assistance when my buddy saw me and asked what was wrong (those of you who know me know that my face speaks VOLUMES).  I explained the situation and he followed me around the store and personal shopped for me.  We had a great time, and he even cheered me up a bit.

*Well, there was that time I was with Mom at JoAnn and I was trying to put something back on a rack, and she took it from me and put it back herself.  I said, "I could have done it myself!"  Her reply was, "Yes, I know that.  But I didn't feel like waiting the ten minutes it was going to take."  Then she turned around before she saw the facial expression and possible accompanying gesture.


  1. So who else reads your blog that you have to explain that , say in 6th grade you weren't 5'11"?

  2. It's the IKEA breakfast people isn't it? You are worried that they may start reading your blog?