26 February 2011

Phone Calls with Mom

Some of you who know me from Rav are familiar with the "Phone Calls with Min's Mom" posts/threads.

Here's tonight's edition.

Mom: I'm proud of you.
Me: You are?
Mom: You didn't know that?
Me: I wasn't sure today.
Mom: I'm sometimes embarrassed of you, but I'm always proud of you.
Me: HEY!
Mom: Like the day the guy asked you your name, and he didn't hear you, so he asked you again, and then you shouted it at him and then you spelled it at him for emphasis.
Me: I did no such thing.
Mom: You did.  You were about four years old.
Me: Hmph.  I don't remember that.
Mom: Did I tell you Jerry Mathis died?
Me: Yeah...?  Oh my God!  It was Jerry I did that to?!?!
Mom: No, I was just wondering if I told you he died.  Because it was a Coke meeting that happened at.
Me: Jerry died at a Coke meeting?
Mom: No, the guy asked you your name at a Coke meeting.
Me: Oh. 
Mom: And you said, "I TOLD you it's Min! M-I-N! MIN!"
Me: See?  I was being nice.  I just wanted to make sure he heard me!
Mom: You were being a rude child, and it was embarrassing.

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  1. I was told on WEdnesday that I'm rude as an adult, so you're still up on me,