17 February 2011

Finish or Frog

One of the things I got accomplished last weekend (with the help of Naomi and Ria) was going through some of my WIPs (works in progress) and some of my more languishing hibernating projects.  Each one was assigned to be either finished or frogged.  If I decided to frog it, it got frogged on the spot.

I was feeling particularly pleased when I got through my entire box of WIPs.

When we had made as much progress as we could for the time we had allotted (Naomi and I were simultaneously matching yarn in my stash with projects in my Ravelry queue and projects I had previously printed and saved for various reasons), and we had to start reorganising my stash, I found a whole other bag of WIPs.

But now I know I'm down to only bag of WIPs.

WIPs... be warned.  I'm coming for you.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE frogging stuff. It adds all that potential back to the yarn.

    I went through in December, I think and got rid of all the stuff I wasn't likely to finish. That still leaves a healthy pile.