05 February 2011

Game Shows

I love game shows.  LOVE them.

Mostly, I love shouting at the people on them.  Thus, my neighbours probably hate them.

For instance, the morons the other day on "Million Dollar Money Drop" who didn't know that Billy Crystal has hosted more Oscar shows (eight) than Steve Martin (three, including the one he co-hosted with Alec Baldwin)?  Ha!  Or the woman on "Jeopardy!" the other day who called the "valley of the shadow of the death" the "valley of the shadow of darkness"? Unacceptable!

"Million Dollar Money Drop" is a pretty new show.  You start out with one million dollars, and the object of the game is to keep the money.  At the beginning of the show, each question has four answers.  You have to place your bundles of money on the correct answer.  If you aren't sure of the answer, you can spread your money among different answers, as long as you keep one answer blank.  The wrong answer choices will drop out, and the money you put on those answers goes away forever.  Whatever money you have left at the end of seven questions is yours to keep.

Earlier this week, one of the questions was, "Which of these is heaviest: a baseball, a basketball, a football, or a hockey puck?"  And the women kept yelling to her husband that the puck HAD to be heaviest.  Her reasoning?  Because when they drop the puck, it just FALLS RIGHT DOWN to the ice.  It JUST. FALLS!  RIGHT AWAY!  Also, when it hits things, it SMASHES THEM!  Therefore, it must be heaviest.  They also eliminated basketball right away.  Because it's "full of air."  That was the second question.  They lost all of their money.  ALL.  OF.  IT.

It was brilliant.  I loved it.

Have I mentioned how much I love game shows?


  1. I love game shows too. I was also yelling at the woman on Jeopardy. :)

  2. OMG!!

    (no wonder Fe tapes them)