21 February 2011

Book Review: Motherhood is Murder

This is the second book in the Maternal Instincts series, which means that Kate's baby, Laurie is now two months old, which is also approximately how long Kate has been an amateur P.I.

She stumbles on her case when she gets invited to check out a mommy group when the group goes on a rare child-free outing - a dinner cruise.  However, the event ends in disaster when one of the mommies ends up dead.  One of the other mommies hires Kate to find out what happened, mistakenly believing that Kate is a full-fledged, licensed P.I.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series, so I had been looking forward to this book.  What a disappointment.

There were four couples in the mommy group, and one of the suspected motives becomes adultery, with every mommy pointing out every possible combo, which made it confusing to remember who the actual original couples were.  Eventually, I just gave up trying.

It's also getting increasingly annoying that Kate CONSTANTLY calls her daughter ridiculous nicknames like "Lemon Drop" and "Peanuty Pie."  It's as if she doesn't know her daughter's name.  Meanwhile, the husband isn't all that helpful - he doesn't know how to warm up the pumped breast milk, he doesn't know how to bathe the baby - I think this is supposed to be comedic, but it isn't.

The third book comes out next week, and I'll read it as the tie-breaker in the hopes that this book was a sophomore slump.

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  1. Nicknames like "head" and "p.kitty" and "girlkid" are much better ;P