18 February 2011

Stuart Woods Contest Update

Some of you entered my Stuart Woods contest.  The winner is...  Kirsten!  She guessed page 35, and the first sex scene was actually page 66.

I told Kirsten at the time that I was going to bid one dollar (er, page one) because I thought she had a gross overbid, but she thought that if Stone met a new person, it might take awhile.  Apparently, she was right!  But it wasn't because Stone took awhile or for lack of trying.  He kept trying... and trying... and trying.  I'm not sure why the woman didn't just run from the smell of desperation!

But she stayed.  And then got killed.  And then Stone moved on to the next woman.

Although, had the contest been on the page of the first airplane/piloting scene, Kirsten would have been out of it and Ria would have won.  Maybe next time!

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