15 February 2011

Weird Quirks

When I was home (in Missouri) for the winter holidays, I discovered that I apparently have a weird quirk.  This comes up in today's blog post because I found myself doing it tonight.  I never knew it was weird until I told Mom about it and she informed me of my absurdity.

When I have leftovers of some kind, I (obviously) put them in some kind of container.  But then as the leftovers get smaller in quantity, I move them into a smaller container.  This pleases me.  It makes more room in my fridge (and, no, it's not as if I have such a small fridge that I NEED the room), and I get to see the progress I'm making in my leftover buffet.  But I'll also do this with things such as salsa or chip dip (both of which I did tonight).

Mom says this is ridiculous because I'm dirtying extra dishes.  But I tried to explain to her that I'm actually FREEING UP the bigger containers.  She didn't buy it.

So... what do you think?  Am I nuts? or is she?

And what kinds of odd quirks do you have?


  1. Well, if nothing else, you don't seem to object much to washing dishes... I tend to err on the side of less dishwashing.

  2. Um why is this weird?? As a home ec teacher she should know smaller container has less air and won't dry out the leftovers??