25 February 2011


Today, I reconnected with someone I had lost touch with.  She and I haven't talked in years.  We hadn't had a falling out or anything, we just simply lost touch.

She's someone I've known since I think my junior year in high school.  I met her because she was the girlfriend and then fiancé of one of the hockey players of the KC hockey team.  As I've mentioned before, our season tickets were (coincidentally) next to the team sat the wives/girlfriends, so we got to them well over the years.  When I was in undergrad, I worked for her a bit.  So had custody of her little brother, who had juvenile Huntington's Disease, and I helped care for him, which sometimes meant picking him up from school on his particularly bad days.

Anyway, after Johnny died (Huntington's is a terminal disease), she met Bill (side note: her fiancé Michael, the hockey player had been killed in a car accident during my first year of undergrad) and they moved to Florida.

We managed to keep in touch for awhile, and I even went to went her wedding in Boston about nine or ten years ago.

For some reason today, I decided to try to email her, and not long after, I got an email back!  Within the span of today, we've already exchanged several emails and have gotten caught up on the broad strokes.

Colour me content.

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