03 February 2011

New Stuart Woods Book

Those of you who follow me on goodreads (and actually read my reviews) know that I have a love/hate relationship with Stuart Woods.  He writes legal thrillers.  I was introduced to him by a woman I babysat for my last summer in Kansas City.  Once upon a time, he used to be interesting and good.  Thus, my reading all of his books.

However, at some point, he jumped the shark.

He has a wealth of knowledge on flying airplanes, and he feels he MUST share this with all of us.  At some point, his main protagonist (most of his books revolve around Stone Barrington, an attorney who ends up serving as more of a private investigator than an actual attorney) acquired a pilot's license.  Or, as Diana Gabaldon (of the "Outlander" series) once put it, "I did the research, and now you'll suffer for it!"  As Stone prepares for take-off, he'll write for PAGES about pre-flight inspection, what's going on in the cockpit, etc.  It's exhausting.  Mister, can we get back to the plot, please?

I also mentioned in a recent review that I believe he's in a constant race with himself to see how quickly he can put a sex scene in a book.  Recently, he had two sex scenes on page 11.  Of course, this doesn't mean he can write sex scenes WELL.  A sex scene in one of his books consisted of "then they had inventive sex."  Way to be descriptive there, Mr. Writer!  Another one had the woman "climbing him like a tree."  So, you know, maybe it's better that he NOT attempt to describe the sex.

Which brings me to today's contest.  Guess which page the first sex scene appears on, and you win!  Standard TPIR rules apply.  You must be closest without going over.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer the winner except pride and glory.

Enter your guess by way of comment by midnight EST Thursday, 10 February 2011.


  1. 9 do I get bonus points if she ues him like a pogo stick?

  2. Page 3.
    Climbing him like a tree, huh?
    Wonder where she got a toe-hold.
    And I wonder where his knotholes are.

  3. I say it opens with a sex scene.