14 February 2011

It hurts

My head, that is.

I've got a headache to beat the band.  And they put one of those things in down the street so that every time a car drives over it, I hear a big ol' "BUH-BANG!  BUH-BANG!"  It's awesome.

Until today's headache came along though, I had a good day.  I met Anju for lunch in the city.  We tried a new-to-us restaurant in the city, Wok.  I had some spicy beef and scallops, and we split an order of crab rangoon.

I then went to the library to return two books and pick up three books.  I also visited with the librarian and the security guard there.  I like it that I visit the branch often enough that they all know me.  Even the after-school programme guy knows me.

On the way home, I called my friend Kristi and we talked for a bit.  We each owed the other an apology for things that are private, and I was happy we were able to have that moment with each other.  It's nice that we've been friends long enough that we can have those moments that are sincere and meaningful, even if they take place within mere moments because she needs to rush off to do class prep.

I've got some pots on the proverbial stove, and I'm hoping something comes of... well, something.

Stay tuned.


  1. Hope your heads feeling better! The new restaurant doesn't use MSG does it? That gives Curt headaches. ( I of course can't have normal triggers)

  2. I'm hoping you are feeling better. I get occasional migraines and they mess up the whole day :-{

    Hope your pots are, uh.. producing what you want them to!