27 January 2011

Winter X Games

(Otherwise known as the period of time during which I shouldn't call my mom unless it's during a commercial.)

This is the period of time during which my mom and I start speaking our special language. We start speaking of backflip heel-clickers, McTwists, and Michalchuks.

We discuss which is cooler - the superpipe, the boarder cross, or speed and style events.

We argue over who (if anyone) will dethrone Shaun White.

Mostly, though, we like to have fun watching the athletes compete for the fun of it. Sure, they have sponsors to please, they would all love to win, and they trained hard to get where they are. But you'll also see ALL of them cheer each other on. You'll see the most sportmanship at the X games than at any other sporting event I've ever watched, and they're really there just to have fun and represent their respective sports.

What's not to love?

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  1. I would have thought you'd have your phone on speaker....