23 January 2011

Where have I been?

visited 46 states (92%)
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As I was saying a few days ago, our summer vacations were usually centred around Coca-Cola conventions. Each year, the week-long convention took place in a different city in the U.S. Since Mom was a teacher, we had the summer off, and we could have a summer-long road trip.

We'd plan our road trip around where the convention was, which accounts for why I've been to most of the states. We can't figure out how we missed South Carolina, but neither of us can remember being there, either. Same with Vermont.

One of the more memorable trips was when we went to California (from Missouri) by way of Florida.

Perhaps in the coming days (and when I'm fighting to stay away through a nasty cold), I'll talk about some of the adventures we had.


  1. Hope you feel well enough for the Brad date :-}
    And I'd love to hear your stories.
    My dad was a private pilot, and we had a few memorable trips to the Oshkosh Fly-In

  2. So you avoided beastiality, lawlessness, trailer parks and forgot what was wrong w Vermont.

  3. Not Vermont? Hmph.

    You should visit sometime.