04 January 2011

A very NASCAR Christmas

As Ria could tell you, not very many of the Christmas presents in our family are a surprise.  Part of it is a byproduct of year-round Christmas shopping, and part of it because we spend a lot of time together (or did before I moved to Philadelphia - but the rest of them do).  So when we're together and someone says "Oooh, I like that!" someone else will say, "Want me to get it for you for Christmas?" and we will, but then we'll take it home, wrap it up, and the other person will have to wait until Christmas day to open it.

When we were in Charlotte for Race Week, we bought each other a LOT of stuff for Christmas.  I got Mom a Joey Logano stuffed teddy bear.  She got me Kyle Busch pajama pants and a Carl Edwards coat, and her husband bought me a Kyle Busch hat.  "Joey bear" as he was dubbed came home to Philly with me (because I didn't trust Mom not to leave him alone until December), but the rest of the haul went to Missouri to be wrapped up.

In October, when I met Jack Roush in the pits at Kansas Speedway (which I WILL get around to blogging about someday), I got a really good picture of him.  I decided to get this picture printed and framed for Mom's husband because he hates Roush with a passion.  So I thought it would be a fun gag gift:
Upon opening it, he said, "A picture of the ugliest man in the world!"

Anyway.  First, I opened the Kyle Busch hat.  So I put it on:

Then, after awhile, I got warm, so I took it off.  And after awhile, I opened the Carl coat.  And I had to try it on:

Then, I thought it would be funny to have both a Kyle hat and a Carl jacket on.  So I put the hat back on.  Then some point later, I opened the Kyle pajama pants.  So I promptly put them on, too.  For some reason, I doubt I'll be starting any fashion fads:

This prompted my mother to tell a story about when I was a kid.  ALLEGEDLY, I was given some underwear, and I was very excited about this.  So I put them on over my pants and wore them for the rest of the day.  I asked Grandma if this was true, and she said it was.  I said, "Grandma!  You were supposed to bail me out!"  She said, "Oh, I was?"  Duh.

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