25 January 2011

My Missouri Home

Some of you have heard me talk about my mom and how she has an eBay store with American Girl doll clothes and accessories.  The eBay store is mostly doll sheets since AG sells doll beds but no sheets (those poor dolls!).  For some reason, she sells the doll clothes better at craft fairs, but the sheets sell better online.

This is a picture of her clothing inventory:

I'm showing you that picture first because I had to walk through the inventory storeroom to get to my "bedroom" in the basement (that's a long story for another day).  When I got the airbed that my mom got for me for this visit, I had a surprise.  The bed was already occupied:

For those of you who aren't NASCAR fans, that's Michael Waltrip (more commonly known as Mikey), Mom's favourite driver, who is now semi-retired.  And that's one of four (yes, FOUR) life-sized, stand-up, cardboard, cut-outs that she owns of him.  I also wish that I could say that this is the only picture that our family has of him in bed.  The other one may or may not be of Mom beside him.

This is Mom's older dog, Sasha.  Her full name is Sasha Tory.  Tory is short for Tornado.  She is an orphan dog, and her parents were victims of the Missouri 2006 tornadoes.  She's a pomeranian.  Mom always swore she wouldn't get a pom because they yap too much.  Guess what she hates most about Sasha.

But here's one of Sasha's cutest tricks.  When we come home, Sasha likes to "hide."  We have to say, "Where did Sasha go?" and "Where's Sasha?" and "Oooh, I found Sasha!!!" before she'll wiggle out of her hiding place.

Because Sasha actually likes Dale (Mom's husband) more than she likes Mom (when Dale goes hunting, Sasha will sit at the front door for days waiting for Dale to return), after New Dog died, Mom wanted to get a dog who liked her.  I tried to explain that she couldn't just place an ad for "cute dog who will like me," but Mom lucked out and actually got a dog who adores her.  She got a part-pom/part-shih tzu.  Here's a picture of Mikie (yep, you guessed it - named after her favourite NASCAR driver):

And that's a mini-tour of my Missouri home.

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  1. So your mom tried to get you to sleep with a guy who's going to be a grandfather two days after Daytona? Warped!!