24 January 2011

Really! I'm not THAT old!

The day before my birthday this year, I got a solicitation for a Hoveround. I called my mom to ask if she was the one who had put me on the mailing list, but she denied being the culprit and said she hadn't thought of it.

When I called my sister for her birthday on Thursday, I told her about it (she's several years older than I am), and she told me that on her 25th birthday, she got an advert to join the Older Women's League. Again, she couldn't figure out which of her friends had signed her up, but she knew one of them was behind it.

But, see, in both cases, we think the joke is actually on them. I got to looking at the advert for the Hoveround and it's actually kind of nifty. There's a cupholder in the armrest and just behind that is a place for a totebag. So I can drink and drive AND always have my knitting handy! And I figured out that if I start socking away ten bucks a month now for my Hoveround, by the time I actually need one, I'll be able to get a really GOOD one. Laura said I'll be able to upgrade to the Audi of Hoverounds while all you will be rolling around in the Hondas.

Meanwhile, she actually joined OWL. She figured that if she investing in OWL then, "they'd have their shit together by the time [she] got to the age [she] actually needed them." And, in her words, "this is what happens when you try to play jokes on Capricorns who are over-achievers and have their shit together! We'll show them!"

Well, this was all fun and games until today. In today's mail I got a letter from a law firm informing me that if the hip replacement I had received wasn't going well, I could join a class action law suit.

Seriously, people, I'M NOT THAT OLD!


  1. A few years ago I mysteriously started receiving a subscription to Ebony, and Working Mother. Answer THAT. (For other commenters, I am neither Ebony in color, nor do I have children)

  2. I get stuff like this all the time. The AARP is always trying to get me to join. :(