30 January 2011


I am still sick.  Mom has talked me into getting up early tomorrow to get an urgent care appointment.  We both suspect I have bronchitis.  I have moderate asthma (I take three daily meds for my asthma), so I'm particularly susceptible to bronchitis, and I've been coughing nearly nonstop for 11 days now.  Plus, it'd be lovely to be able to sleep.  And the production levels of sputum are simply fantastic.

I finished "The Inner Circle" by Brad Meltzer.  It is awesome.  Go read it.  I also got either amazingly bored or amazingly literary-minded and put about five books on hold at the library.  This includes about two inter-library loan requests.  Never mind the fact that there's currently a book at the library now with my name on it that I have yet to retrieve because of the weather and my health.

I also finished the fingerless mitts.  Well, technically, I still have four ends to weave in, but they will be woven in by the end of tonight.  I will try VERY hard to get pics of them and blog about them tomorrow.

Other than that, today was all about the Winter X Games.  My mom SERIOUSLY needs to get a TiVo or a DVR.  I had to call her about every ten minutes as she tried to juggle the X Games, the Hallmark movie, and the Pro Bowl game.  She wanted to know when certain athletes went down the superpipe.  Keep in mind, though, that when they go, it takes all of ten seconds - and that's if they last the entire run.  Dude.  She needs help.

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