02 January 2011

Why Ria owes me... a LOT

Every New Year's Eve, the local hockey team (a CHL team) has a game and we always go.  Even though our team isn't all that good, they've managed to climb to first place (as of NYE), which doesn't say much for the rest of the teams in the conference, since our guys REALLY aren't that good.  For instance - we're really good at killing our own penalties.  And most of the time, when we pass the puck, there's not even anyone there - not even an opponent to be passing to accidentally!  Most of the time, the kids who play exhibition games during the intermission are better than our guys.

But at least it's entertaining and it brings back fun memories of when Mom and I had season tickets to the KC Blades games (an IHL team) years ago.  We just happened to get our tickets next to where the wives/girlfriends sat and got to know them throughout the years, which... well, if you've met either my mom or me, you can probably imagine that we had some fun times and adventures away from the games with the women, too.  :)

Anyway, back to the game on NYE night.

Right in front of us was a guy wearing a NASCAR coat.  He had long hair pulled back into a ponytail.  This in itself isn't really that remarkable, except that most guys who have long hair and pull it back usually wear their ponytail down on their head.  Not this guy - he wore it high on his head.  And he used a light blue scrunchie to hold his hair up.  Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with this; it was totally harmless.  It's just not really how Mom and I pictured a NASCAR/hockey guy wearing his hair, you know?

But the topper of the night was the Super Fan.  He sat on the front row by the penalty boxes.  He wore an orange outfit (including a hockey mask/helmet) and a light blue cape (orange and blue are the team colours).  He had a stick with cowbells on both ends (KC hockey fans are known for ringing cowbells at key points during the game - but usually just holding a single cowbell in one's hand).  He also had a big drum that he would pound with a giant stick to lead cheers.  But the most... "interesting" part is that the guy would lift up his shirt when a face-up would occur near his seat and show the opponents his rather large belly which had "YOU SUCK" written on it."  I IMed Ria to tell her about this, and she requested pictures because at her hockey game, she had nothing this exciting at her hockey game.  At first, I was only able to fuzzy pictures as he exited his section:
The Missouri Mavericks Super Fan!

But, of course, this didn't show the belly action.  So I kept trying to get the ever-elusive belly shot.
Finally, during the second intermission, I caught him in the concourse.  I ran in front of him and a photographer and I were both getting shots of him.  He saw me and said, "You can take the picture, but you have to hug me, hon!"  I shrugged and said, "Okay!" thinking, "Ria BETTER appreciate this!"  I hugged him and he pointed to the photographer and said, "I won't hug him, but I'll hug you!" and laughed.  I wished him a happy new year, he reciprocated, and we went on our way.


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  1. That is HILARIOUS!!!

    I love people :-}

    And thanks for YOUR hugs :-}