10 January 2011

Jewelry Advice

When I was in Missouri, my grandma (Mom's mom) told me she wanted to give me something, but if I didn't want it, I should just tell her and she wouldn't be hurt.  When she left the room, I looked to Mom for advice.  Mom told me it was her ring, and if I didn't want it, just give it to her after we left.  Okay, cool; no pressure, then.

Grandma brought it in and showed it to me and I'm sorry to say that I didn't remember the ring at all.  But it was a really pretty ring.  There was a main stone in the centre and then some smaller stones surrounding the centre stone.  The main stone is from Ganno's ring; Ganno was Grandma's mom (when Mom was little, she couldn't say "Grandma," and Ganno has been Ganno ever since).  The smaller stones were from Grandma's wedding ring.

I tried it on, and it was just a touch too big for any of my fingers.  But it was a lovely ring.  Not QUITE my style, but I still wanted it because it's clearly a family heirloom.  I want children (or at least A child, although I turn 36 this Friday, there's no partner in sight, the clock is a-tickin', etc.), but the ring may well stop at me.  Ah well.  We'll see what happens.  ANYWAY...

Grandma said that next time I'm in town, we'll go together to get it cleaned and resized.  The only thing is that it's silver.  Both of the rings that I currently wear (one on each hand) are gold.  Here's where you come in.  Do you think it'd look weird to wear one gold ring and one silver ring on the same hand?  Should I wear both gold rings on one hand and keep the silver ring on its own hand?  Because of the size of the ring, it probably will be  "special occasion" ring, if that makes a difference in your advice.



  1. I'd wear both on the same hand. But I'm one of those weird ones who mixes different kinds of jewelry all the time. :)

  2. I think silver and gold mix well together.

  3. I think it looks good to have both.
    Old traditions say gold is for the right hand, silver for the left.
    (or was it the other way around.. can't find it online right now)

  4. I wear silver and gold together. You could always get one of those triple loop rings (uh, infinity rings?) where there's one ring that's silver, one that's gold, and the other is like a copper or something (I can't remember, it's a darker gold color). And, much like the the area rug in The Big Lebowski, it'll bring it all together.