09 January 2011

Caera Cowl

My stashbusting has started!  Technically, it started at the end of 2010, but hey.  Before I left for Missouri for the holidays, I had one Deirdre, one of my cat-sitters, look at the different projects that I was taking home as gifts for my family and we discussed something that she might like as a gift in exchange for taking care of Felix.  I wanted to make her something since I can't really afford to pay her (having been unemployed for nearly a full year now) and since she would driving over from South Philly every other day.

She was adamant that I not buy new yarn for her project, so we went through my stash until we found something that she liked.  She liked the idea of a cowl, although she left the exact pattern up to me and told me that if I decided to do a hat or scarf instead, that would be fine, too.  (Way to commit, Deirdre!)

When I got to Kansas City, I narrowed it down to a few cowl patterns and I let Mom have the final say.  The winner was the Caera Cowl.  I used some Classic Elite Wings yarn that Mish had sent me once upon a time.  Oh so soft!  I'm glad I have plenty left over, as this cowl took just over one skein.

The cowl itself was a quick knit once I got the hang of it.  This is the second attempt, as my first attempt was just... wrong.  I misinterpreted the pattern, and those of you who are on Ravelry can see my project page notes for more details

Deirdre was going to come over today, and I was hoping to give it to her and get a picture of her modelling it, but she had a house emergency.  But maybe soon you'll see a modelled picture.