23 April 2011

The Week: Looking Back, Looking Forward

This past week was pretty exciting.  Remember that development I mentioned a week back?  Well, it's still developing.  And developing quite well.  That's pretty much all I want to say about it for now.

I had an interesting visit with my PM&R doctor about my ongoing hip/groin pain.  He now wants me to get a new MRI with contrast done.  But while they're injecting the contrast, he also wants them to inject some lidocaine into the joint.  If that relieves the pain, it'll give him some information about what might be going on, and if it doesn't, that will also give him some information.  Scheduling that MRI was a major headache, and it still hasn't been accomplished.  I'll save that story for if/when that saga gets wrapped up.

My awesome friend Ria and her lovely husband Curt were here on Friday to visit Felix.  While here, they were kind enough to pretend to hang out with me, as well.  We also went to a local place called Rx (it used to be a corner pharmacy) for brunch.  I had never been there before, and I'd heard mixed reviews about it, but I really enjoyed what I had and since Ria and Curt all but licked their plates, I think they enjoyed it, too (or else they were just REALLY hungry).  I had cornflake-crusted French toast with a mixed berry compote.  I was impressed that they managed to coat the toast without making it heavy and doughy.  It was so thin and crispy!  I tried not to use the syrup since they didn't have sugar-free syrup, but toward the end, I found it necessary to cut the tartness of the berries.

Next week, I have doctors appointments scheduled on every day except Monday.  I'll be seeing my friend Anju on Tuesday evening.  Med Student is supposed to come over on Saturday (except I've been having trouble getting ahold of her to confirm this and ask her about what we're making so I can shop for ingredients on Tuesday when I have a car).  And my friend Deirdre (not to be confused with my friend Dierdre) is coming over on Sunday (we're also cooking instead of going out).

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  1. Well, you do realize Fe has no thumbs and can't let us in.... the food was really, really good - ask anyone I usually just pick at the potatoes on my plate.