07 April 2011

Recipe: Banana Ice Cream

Thanks to Julie, who posted that she needed to "make something with bananas," which led me to asking what, which led her to telling me about this fabulous banana ice cream, I have become obsessed with banana ice cream.

In turn, this means I have been washing my blender almost every night.  Thanks for that, Julie.

Banana Ice Cream (pay attention people; this is complicated)

1.  Buy bananas.
2.  Peel bananas.
3.  Slice bananas.
4.  Lay bananas on cookie sheet or similar tray.
5.  Put bananas in freezer for at least an hour.
6.  Put frozen bananas in blender.
7.  You may need to occasionally stop to scrape sides down.
8.  Eat banana ice cream and make yummy noises.

Notes:  You can add peanut butter (I've been doing this) or honey (Mom said this didn't sound as good, so I didn't do this yet).  Do NOT make the mistake I did and think "Oh, these will probably blend down into nothing so I should have Med Student peel and slice eight bananas for our dessert."  Because then you will be making room in your freezer for bowls of banana ice cream instead of room for a nice, flat cookie sheet that you previously DID have room for at the very top of your freezer.

Totally healthy - nothing but bananas.  And great for all kinds of diets.  No meat, no gluten, no (extra) sugar, no dairy.  JUST BANANAS!

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  1. Isn't it awesome? And now on the new WW it's no points. (Of course I'm not doing so well on WW so I'm not sure why I am thinking about points!)