25 April 2011

Book Review: Fleece Navidad

by: Maggie Sefton

This is the sixth book in the Knitting Mystery book series, which I have really enjoyed.  This series is set around Kelly Flynn and her friends and the local yarn shop, House of Lambspun.

In this instalment, Juliet, one of the knitters, is dating a local professor and is quite excited about how the romance is progressing.  However, the romance is derailed when Claudia sweeps into town, leaving a trail of dead husbands in her wake.  Of course, there's a (mostly) plausible explanation for each husband's death, and Claudia soon becomes the talk of the town.  Claudia is also quite the social butterfly, signing herself up for every seniors club and weekly event, shopping around for the next husband.

Soon enough, Juliet's body is found, and people discover that Claudia and Juliet's boyfriend may have been an item.  Then someone from Claudia's past arrives in town with an armload of accusations.  Soon, the local knitters are divided into pro- and anti-Claudia camps.

Parts of this book were good.  It was nice to visit the town of Fort Connor again, and the author makes Christmas-time in Fort Connor come alive.  The nativity scene in the church (and the rehearsals leading up to it) were particularly fun to read about it.  The mystery itself, though, was lacking.  I actually solved the mystery on page 170, which was just past the halfway point of the book and before Kelly did.  This was a major disappointment.

However, I'm still looking forward to the next book in the series, as I still like the series overall.

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