15 April 2011

List #5: Some of my pet peeves

Please note, this is not an inclusive list.

1.  "Snuck" is not a word.  Rather, it is the colloquial form of the proper word, which is "sneaked."  He sneaked into the room, people.  I know it sounds funny, but "sneaked" is proper. 

2.  "Hopefully" is an adverb.  "The bride walked hopefully down the aisle."  It makes me cringe when people use it in the sense of "Hopefully, she'll get the job."

NOTE: In both of the above cases, I can make allowances for some people.  When newscasters, journalists, and professional writers do it, however, I scream at the television, newspaper, or magazine (No, really, I do.  Just ask my mom.)

3.  The misuse of the word literally.  The other day on television, a man said "The wedding cake was so awesome, it literally blew my mind."  Wow - short marriage!  "It was literally raining cats and dogs."  And PETA didn't protest this?

4.  Redundancies: PIN number, VIN number, ATM machine, registered RN, certified CPA.  Honestly, if you don't know what the abbreviation/acronym stands for, don't use it.  And certainly don't repeat yourself.  It's like when people online type "LOLOLOL."  Really?  Laughing out loud out loud out loud?  Does that mean you're laughing three times louder than everyone else?  Three times as long?  I don't understand.

5.  People who hit me with their bags and don't say "excuse me."  You can really wallop me with your bag, but if you immediately turn around and offer me a sincere "excuse me" or "I'm so sorry," I'll forgive you and go about my day.  This is mostly because when I was a kid, I spent most of my days with my head at purse-height when I went shopping with Mom.  Finally, Mom told me to just start batting back at the purses.  Then I think Mom regretted it when she realised my batting strength.

6.  The way my mom's husband just happens to ALWAYS know when I need to go to the bathroom and gets up and goes three minutes before I do.  That just really cheeses my grits.  And Mom dies laughing every time.  I swear, he does it EVER. FRIGGIN. TIME.

7.  Also, the CVS guy is a pet peeve.  But mostly I just avoid him.  He's just a walking pet peeve.  But I could do an entire post on him some other time.


  1. #3 - yes!! I LITERALLY have to restrain myself from smacking the stoopid off those people!! (can't wait until I am really old and CAN actually do that and blame senility)

    #4 - we have a report that lists the previous days sales, sales target, last years sales for the day, markdowns, purchases, receipts, hours, scheduled hours, earned hours, # of price changes, out of stocks etc etc.broken down by department and a total column at the end. it is the Whole Store Report (WSR) I literally want to scream every time someone asks me if I have the WSR report. SO I get evil and decide they must just want the summary of the actual report. SO I tear off the piece with the totals and hand them that. (then they get mad and I just giggle)

  2. #6 Eric does this to me every day. I don't know how he knows I need to go but he does. Grr.