09 April 2011

My new obsession

I have a new obsession (well, actually a few, but I may need more blog ideas later).  But this obsession may benefit y'all, so I'm sharing.  See, I'm generous like that.

One of my friends turned me on to the this site, and I have now spent HOURS on it: krazycouponlady.com

Don't worry, I won't turn into one of those people who spend hours every day couponing and has a stock room full of non-perishables.  When I said I've spent hours on the site, I meant since the day about three weeks ago when she told me about it.

Things I love about this site: The "Print Coupons" link.  Go there and all of the brands are listed in alpha order.  It's easy to just scan for the brands you love and see what they have.

The "Freebies" page.  See what free samples they have.  Keep in mind that just because a sample was listed yesterday doesn't mean the sample isn't still available today.

The "Couponing 101" tips.  It explains how to become an "extreme couponer."  I don't really want to go all extreme (multiple trips to multiple stores in a week just aren't practical for me when I can barely afford to ride SEPTA to my required doctor appointments!) right now, nor are multiple newspaper subscriptions, but I can understand the theory of it.  And some of the tips make a lot of sense.  I'm even implemented some of the them.  Coupon stacking FTW ("stacking" is using a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon on the same item, which most stores allow - bonus if you do it when the item is on sale!)

And the "Store" links.  They have separate links for Target and CVS, which are handy for me since I frequent those stores often.  They'll show you what each stores have on sale, deals there, coupons you can use there, and what the final price for an item breaks down to after the coupon, sale price, etc.

Also, my first trip to the store and Target after I used a crapload of coupons and saw how much I saved...?  Omg - I think I actually got a bit of an adrenaline rush!  (No, seriously - don't worry; I'm not turning into one of THOSE people!)


  1. You obsessed? No, I can't believe that! Nope..no way... hey I can almost type all that with a straight face!

  2. I need yarn coupons! Found any? :D