05 April 2011

The last few days

Over the weekend, Med Student came over and we had a Top Chef marathon.  She was WAY behind on the "All-Stars" season (she actually hadn't even started it, whereas I had already seen the finale), and we made it to the halfway point.

We made the Amish Breakfast Casserole (sans meat, plus sweet peppers and jalapeños) and a new dessert recipe that I'll post later this week (omg, it was so good).

Monday was my consultation with a surgeon - mixed results, which I'll share when I have more information.

Today was a different appointment, which doesn't merit discussion.

Thankfully, I have no appointments scheduled for next week... yet.  Although I DO have four appointments that I need to schedule.  I'm having a grand time being me right now.  Lest anyone worry too much, keep in mind that my COBRA insurance runs out 31 May, so part of this flurry is just me trying to cram in as much as I can with as many of my doctors as I can before I have no coverage.  I generally have a set schedule with my med team (I see my endo every four months, my PCP every three months, my neuro every two months, etc.), but I'm slightly resetting everything since I have no idea when the next time I'll have insurance and will be ABLE to see these people will be.

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  1. That totally sucks!!

    I went for my eye exam Monday ( have to go for some kind of glaucoma workup- because my 2 optic nerves are different sizes, have been for at least 20 years, and there hasn't been a noticeable change but as I am in my mid 40'd they now want a baseline. because it could be nothing, but I am half Asian. seesh) I go for ALL my bloodwork tomorrow morning. Tuesday I took a whole day off from work for the fun. Physical at 945, gyno at 1130, endo at 115. (MOSTLY I get all mine done at once so I only need one set of blood, cause my PCP who is awesomeness, but I hate seeing anyway, finds out what the other 2 want and gets it all done together. Cause I am a horrible person to try to take blood from. My veins are hard to hit and if you don't get it exactly right they close up, and if you poke me too many times, I may hit back. (I ripped the head off a teddy bear once)