24 April 2011

My Easter Sunday

Since I don't have any family in the area, I just chilled here with Felix.  I had given him his Easter present earlier this week - a red fluffy poof ball that he's batted across the floor a grand total of four times.  That make each swipe forty-one cents worth of swipe.  Granted, while I can afford to pay $1.65 for a cat toy, I'm determined to get the per-swipe cost of the toy down a bit.

I most ChaCha-ed during the day since they were (apparently) desperately in need of guides judging from the volume of emails and texts they sent out calling for help.  They finally even sent out not one, but TWO contests for extra money for people willing to give up their holiday time to log in and take questions.  The grand total of money they put up was pretty amazing, actually.

I made a new recipe, which turned out to be not only easy, but very cheap, and amazingly delicious.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to post it on Thursday.

And I'm VERY ashamed and embarrassed to admit that since I could find nothing good on tv to watch and didn't want to pop in a favourite movie (lest I get sucked into it and forget to, you know, actually answer questions), I got stuck watching the Lifetime Movie Network.  "Too Young to Be a Dad," "Bastard Out of Carolina," and "Book of Ruth."  I loathe you, LMN.

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  1. There was nothing on TV yesterday here either. (We don't even get LMN.) :( I ended up watching some marathon on SyFy. I am sure I could've spent my time better but I was too lazy.