17 April 2011


My cat has been cracking me up lately.

He has a collection of mice that he likes to play with - small furry mice, little leather mice, catnip mice, rattler mice, knitted mice, etc.  For some reason, he has decided lately that the best way to play with his mice is to choose one, toss it onto the bed (usually when I'm sound asleep), chase it around on the bed until it falls off the bed, dive under the bed, chase it under the bed, wrestle it into submission, crawl back onto bed (but ONLY between the bars on the headboard and the wall, which means scooting the under-bed storage boxes around), fling the mouse onto the bed to show his dominance, lather, rinse, repeat.

Sometimes, when I'm reading in bed (which is what I do every night - sometimes until I literally fall asleep holding the book; it's many a night I wake up when the book slips from my hand and bops me in the face), he'll come to bed and toss a mouse on me.  I'll toss the mouse down the hall.  The other night, I had slightly bad aim, and the mouse landed in a box.  I was curious to see what he would do, so I didn't get up to get the mouse out of the box.  He attempted to paw the mouse out, but in his...  zealous attempts to get mouse out of the box, he ended up scooting the box about a six-inches across the room (and, no, this was not an empty box!).  He finally got mouse out of the box, where mouse was promptly punished for trying to hide from him.  Bad Mouse!  That'll teach him!


  1. My Buddha cat loves white mice. She will sort of play with other colors, and really loves her brown 'catnip cigar' but if it's a mouse, it's gotta be white for her to get enthusiastic.
    She also loves valerian (smells like clean but stinky feet).

  2. I luvs Fe... I never knew he was into leather though...