18 April 2011

Book Review: A Wedding to Die For

This was the second book in the Yellow Rose mystery (cosy) series.  Abby decided to transition her blossoming P.I. career into the adoption area, doing birth parent searches.  She neatly utilises her sister's training as a therapist to help screen potential clients, ensuring that they are ready for what awaits.

This story starts when Megan asks her to find her birth mother because Megan is getting married soon and she would love her birth mom to attend her wedding.  But she doesn't want her adoptive family to know about the search.  At the last minute, Abby is asked to attend the wedding as part of the bridal party (the guest book attendant), and as such, she notices someone who won't sign the guest book and doesn't seem to mingle with any of the other guest.  But before Abby can track her down, Megan's adoptive father is killed at the wedding.

The local chief of police, Chief Fielder, is a woman who sneers at Abby being a P.I.-in-training.  And, tensions get even higher when it turns out that Fielder used to date Abby's current boyfriend.  Fielder focuses in on Abby as a suspect, while Abby tries to focus on getting Fielder to do her job while simultaneously trying to solve the murder and still trying to track down Megan's birth mother.

This book was even better than the first Yellow Rose book.  One of the minor characters, Jug, was especially colourful, and I hope that he makes a return appearance in the following books, although I'm not quite sure how he could be worked in.  I like how Abby's relationship with her Aunt Caroline has played out realistically from the first book, and I hope it continues to do so.

The "Southernisms" in the book are nice (having spent about half of my summers in the South, I can attest to this), without going overboard.  Sweeney continues to sprinkle her books with a healthy balance of wit and intelligence.  I'm definitely looking forward to the third book in the series!

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