22 April 2011

List #6: My favourite meals

1.  Tacos - I especially enjoy all-you-can-eat tacos from Dixon's Famous Chili (made famous because President Truman used to eat there all the time).  They use their chili meat, cheese, and the best taco sauce I've ever had.  Dixon's chili is not like any chili you've had before.  You can order it "plain" (seasoned meat with the beans on top of it only) or "soupy" (throw some liquid in).  Then the vinegar, chili powder, and other condiments are on the table.  So the chili meat and cheese make EXCELLENT tacos.  But there was once a period in my life when I tacos every weekend.  Love them.

2.  Sushi - People think that AKI (fka: AOI) is my favourite sushi restaurant, but it's more that (1) I like that I can have all-you-can-eat sushi, so I can get the variety I like, (2) they don't tell my group to "slow down the sound" like a certain other all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant down, (3) while there is another sushi restaurant in the city that I like, it's more expensive, and I normally can't afford it.

3.  Macaroni and cheese - It can be the cheap, generic mac and cheese from a box, it can be Kraft dinner, it can be baked with an actual white cheese sauce, you can through vegetables in it.  Hell, you can put salsa or broccoli or myriad other vegetables in it... I'm not really all that picky.  I just need elbow macaroni and I need cheese.

4.  My mom's chicken and dumplings - these aren't dumplings like you're probably thinking.  These are frozen egg noodles, that FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CAN NOT FIND IN ANY FRIGGIN' STORE IN PHILADELPHIA.  Whew.  Got that out of my system.  And these aren't those thin, little, yellow egg noodles you buy in the pasta aisle, either, so don't show up on my door step with any.  They are FROZEN.  And THICK.  And DOUGHY.  And, yes, I know I can make them, but then they wouldn't be the ones my mommy has made me since I was a kid, would they??????

5.  Enchiladas - cheese and onion are my favourite, but I also like refried bean, ground beef, or any combination thereof.  And they should be spicy.

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  1. Seriously. Frozen egg noodles are no where in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area. I have searched. When I go down to NC or SC I seriously bring 1/2 a cooler home. And then ... I run out... wtf??