11 April 2011

Book Review: Insatiable

I normally don't read books about vampires. But I adore Meg Cabot. And how could I resist a book whose jacket copy starts out "Sick of vampires?" and is about vampires?

Mena Harper is a soap opera writer with a "gift" for telling when and how the people she meets are going to die. And she's just as sick of the vampire craze as everyone else is. Unfortunately, her boss is making her write a vampire storyline at work. On top of that, Mena's neighbour invites her to a dinner party and she meets Lucien who becomes the first person who Mena can't "read." Of course, Lucien turns out to be a vampire. But not just any vampire - he's the Prince of Darkness. That's right; he's the son of Dracula!

As if that wasn't enough, Lucien is involved in a vampire war. And Mena has fallen in love with him. And there's a vampire serial killer on the loose in the city.

As usual, Meg Cabot's sense of humour shone in this book. There was two distinct points at which I actually had to put the book down because I was laughing so hard. There were a few mysteries to this book that I loved (who is the killer, who will win the war), and there was a twist at the end that totally blind-sided me. I also loved watching Mena struggle with her relationship with Lucien - she didn't want to be involved with a vampire, but she did like him and found him attractive. I found Mena's brother to be a pesky annoyance, but that was kind of the point.

I'm happy to see that a sequel to this book is expected later this year. I'll definitely be looking for it!


  1. You liked a vampire book? that in and of itself should be put with the national review blurbs at the front of the paperback version!

  2. I forgot about the existence of the book. I'll have to read it soon!