07 September 2011

Whew! Gettin' It Together

I woke up this morning and made chicken salad.  I managed to wear an outfit that didn't look ridiculous.  My outfit yesterday looked fine theoretically, but when I put it on, the pants were a bit too bit (despite the fact that I had them taken in back in July!) and the sleeveless top that I was wearing under the yellow shrug made me look fat (in my opinion - no one else thought so - or at least was tactless enough to say so to my face).  And then with the white top being a tiny bit snug, and the pants being too loose, the whole waistband area was just ... bad.

Then, my lunch yesterday was awful.  Since I hadn't had time yet to make any of the stuff that I had planned, I threw two chicken legs and a few of the larger chunks of chicken in a container and called it "lunch."  Yum.

But today, I woke up and managed to make chicken salad before work.  And I wore an outfit that didn't make me uncomfortable all day.  Go me!

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