02 September 2011

List #25: Natural Disasters I've Been In

3 Hurricanes:
  • Hurricane Danny (1985): We were vacationing in Lousiana at the time.  The only specific memory I have is that our motel room had a small step up into the room from the outside sidewalk.  We were travelling with a couple that we were good friends with, and the guy (Mark) joked, "We won't worry until the water comes up the door."  Well, not very much longer, the water was nearly there.  Our ultimate goal was Florida, and as we travelled from LA to FL, Danny seemed to want to chase us.  Not cool, Danny.
  • Floyd (1999): This was my second year in Philly.  My first floor flat kept leaking water down one wall, and one particularly troubling spot was where the water kept trickling over an electrical socket.  I kept calling my landlord to let him know, and he kept assuring me he'd send the painter out as soon as the rain stopped.  Gee, thanks.
  • Irene (2011): I don't think I really need to say a lot about this one.
2 Earthquakes: I blogged about my earthquake experiences the other day, so I won't bore you again.
Multiple ice storms (I'm from Missouri)
Multiple blizzards (I'm from Missouri)
The Great Flood of 1993 (I'm from Missouri)
Microbursts (they're the opposite of tornadoes, meteorologically-speaking)  (seriously, people, I'm from freaking Missouri!)

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  1. I think more than you're from Missouri - we need to explore the fact that your mom is your mom...