03 September 2011

A fun day

Today I ran some errands in the city.  I needed to get some prescriptions refilled after I (get ready from all caps) PRINTED OUT MY TEMPORARY HEALTH INSURANCE CARD (yes, that's right, folks!  I am now insured again!), get some office supplies (the company supplies things, but I'm really picky about which pens and pencils I use), and Victoria's Secret was having a sale on underwears (I have no idea when I decided it was fun to pluralise that word, but I did and it stuck.  I even have Mom using it now).

I texted Ria's daughter Angie, and we decided to meet for lunch at Ruby Tuesday, which is tucked in the same building as Victoria's Secret.  At VS, I scored seven underwears for the price of 5, which brings me ridiculously close to having 175 pairs of underwears.  Now, let's pause for a second while we consider which is MORE ridiculous - the fact that I have much underwears or the fact that I know many I have.

From there, I hit Staples to buy my favourite pens (the Staples brand of roller ink pens), my favourite pencils (Bic mechanicals in 0.5 mm), the long clickable erasers, and some self-adhesive envelopes.  After that, we hit CVS so I could get my meds, knee highs, and a lint roller(most of my clothes are black, brown, and grey, and I live with a white and grey cat).

I came home, did some laundry, and laid out my clothes for the week.  Although I just realised that I laid out five days' worth of clothes and I only work four days this week.  Oh well, I guess I'll just be really prepared for the week after.

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  1. I thought I had too much underwears with 77 pairs! I don't even know where I'd put a hundred more. Obviously you aren't the only one who counts theirs. :)