15 September 2011

Restaurant Week Night

No recipe to share this week since I haven't been cooking.  But tonight I did go to La Fontana della Citta with one of my new co-workers for Restaurant Week.  Usually, you get three courses for $35, but this is one of the places that was going above and beyond.  We got four courses - yay us!

My first course was a seafood soup; she chose an arugula salad.

The second course was standard for everyone.  A trio of pasta which included gorgonzola gnocchi, penne putanesca, and a ravioli with pink sauce.

For the third course, I had veal parmigiana, while she chose the pollo marsala.

And for dessert, we both chose the tiramisu.

We had a fun time choosing the restaurant, as there are a TON of places to choose from.  I initially gave her a list of places, she narrowed it to five, I narrowed those to three, and then I let her pick the winner.  We found out over supper that we each used the same criteria -- we each wanted to go somewhere we had never been before and would usually be a bit out of our price range.

And - bonus - we each took a doggie bag home!  As per usual, I didn't eat much throughout the day (two granola bars, and a vending machine bag o' chips), and I was able to put away the first, second, and fourth courses, but only made a tiny dent in the entrée.  When I looked, what I took home filled the entire take-home tray.  Sigh.

But I had a great night out, great food, and excellent company. 

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