11 September 2011

Sports: A Blessing and a Curse

I'm sure you know by now that I love sports.  A lot.

I particularly love this time of year.  Baseball, football, NASCAR are all going, and hockey is just around the corner.  And for the past week, the tennis US Open has been going.  It's so exciting!

But that's where the curse comes in.  I can only watch so much at a time!  On any given weekend, there are usually two NASCAR races (usually one on Saturday afternoon and one Sunday afternoon), and now there are college football games on Saturday and pro games on Sunday.  This weekend, there was all tennis 'round the clock, more so than usual because of all the rain delays (thank you, NY weather).

This time of year is also so full of optimism.  Raider Nation likes to tell ourselves that every year is going to be The Year because the year before was a rebuilding year.  (We've currently been rebuilding for so long now, we should have a freaking mansion.)  Everyone is undefeated, and even if you drop the first game, well, hey - it's just the FIRST game.  There are still fifteen to go!

And this is the weekend NASCAR set the Chase field, which means we know which drivers have a chance to win the championship.  Again with the optimism.  I love it!  Of course, that came with a flipside, too.  With the good, I had to take the bad - a driver I hate won this weekend, and two guys I hate got into the Chase.  Boo.

And speaking of weird sports goings-on - well, I don't want to tempt the universe by naming things specifically, but some odd things were happening this week.  It made me wonder if I had landed in a parallel universe!  That whole blessing/curse thing CAN go too far, you know!

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  1. I vote on parallel universe!! We must find a way back!!!

    Less than a month until hockey!!

    Pass the tums!